7 Tips To Reach The Media


How to get noticed in today’s market

Do you feel too small to swim with the big fish? Here is the real deal of Public Relations. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business profile is, how swollen your wallet or who is in your contact list. The truth is your story and how you present it to the world is what matters. The best thing is, women play with an advantage in this game!

The world press is on the lookout for inspiring women. Role models, who strive to lead by example for future generations to come. Journalists are looking for the story behind these female entrepreneurs, businesswomen and mumpreneurs who break the old-fashioned stereotypes. They want to help share your voice and move you forward towards achieving the greater good.

How to help journalists to find you?

Developing your online presence will help the mainstream media find you. In addition, it will also be an opportunity to talk directly to your end buyer. The following tips will help to build your profile and visibility.

1. Your website – Internet is a pool of expertise and the initial step in the search for the next news story. In this digital age, journalists often struggle with deadlines. They turn to search engines to find targeted content and someone to comment on it. Having tailored content and a newsroom on your website drives attention, builds credibility and helps to promote your brand. Furthermore, it is open 24/7.

2. Social Networking Sites and the power of the personal brand. It would be impossible in today’s market to ignore the vast impact of these networks on the press. Social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram make it easy to create a profile and build visibility quickly. However, it also polarizes people into an opinion one way or another. Developing a media personality is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to get the attention of journalists.

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3. Blogs and Vblogs: These are valuable platforms to build good reputation while showcasing applied intelligence and insight. Sometimes, bloggers are treated with as much credibility as a journalist in the eyes of the press and the general public. Some bloggers are influential personalities who lead the media agenda with their content or featured issues. Business blogs and video blogs (VBlogs) are great ways to establish and endorse your image as a leader in your industry.

4. Media Contacts Database – Journalists are on a constant hunt for expertise. This is the main reason you can get onto their list of experts by uploading your profile, albeit usually for a fee. The interesting thing is that it also works the other around. You can obtain media lists of names to whom you can pitch your story. Be aware though, the media industry is fast paced and positions change often.

5. Direct approach – Shortlist the media and sections you want to be in. This is the so-called “wish list” where you will focus on. Call the media company and ask for the name and email address of the editor covering your target section. This is how you build your updated journalist database. Track the stories your list is reporting on and start writing tailored content that they would be interested on.

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6. Focus groups, forum discussion and Facebook groups –The media often reaches out to these groups as a primary source of information when breaking news occurs. They are pools of experts united to a cause and frequently dictate trends. This is what makes them automatically newsworthy.

7Surveys and sector reports: Pitched surveys can reap huge media rewards. You can become an authority through interesting analyses with accompanying commentary on the issues at hand. All the while, you should promote key messages that drive interest back to you.

If you want to get noticed in the media you need to become a reliable source of information. Building your visibility and profile is not longer an option but a must to survive in today’s market. Developing a PR strategy will increase your influence, provide unique brand recognition and ultimately create new opportunities.