Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing


In the last decade, social media marketing has become an indispensable mode of marketing for brands and every type of business. It enables companies and individuals to build relationships, affinity, engage with customers, do market research and increase sales. In 2016, opportunity for sales to increase is even more feasible with Social Shopping available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest allows direct buying from within their app.

Forbes states that 78% of salespeople that use social media, perform better than their peers. According to The Aberdeen Group, 62% of salespeople who do not use inbound social selling miss their quotas and 64% of sales teams that use social selling reach their quotas. In contrast, traditional marketing strategies such as cold calling, only has a 2.5% success rate according to the Keller Research Center.

Even large traditional brands see a big difference in sales with a social selling program. IBM increased their sales by 400% engaging in social media marketing. IBM states that 55% of all buyers do their research by using social networks.

Here are some other statistics to convince you on social media marketing. McKinsey says that globally, there are over 1.5 billion social media users. Interestingly, the fastest growing demographic on Google+ and Facebook is between the ages 45 and 54. So even the older generation is picking up on social media!

Success in social media marketing results from building strong and long-lasting relationships with customers and contacts, sharing content, opinions, advise and expertise that they will want to share to their friends, family and associates. This approach will help to attract and keep loyal customers and contacts as well as grow brand ambassadors to sell and advocate your products and services for you. This approach is also the fastest way to get your business global exposure and customers. Unlike in traditional marketing, this open, two-way selling and buying communication speeds up the process of buying.


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However some business owners ask, “With so many different social media platforms now, how do I know which is the best one for my business?” My answer to that is, the main ones available are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. It is best to be in at least 3 of the 8 above for each of your businesses. The image above gives a good summary on the various social media platforms. You will have to understand which platform will pay off the most in relation to the time you invest in it, for your particular type of business.

Majority of companies now use 1 form or another of social media as part of their marketing campaigns. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest drive the most social media referral back to websites. YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn drive the most engaged traffic.

In my example, I concentrate mainly on the following:

Instagram.com/SuperMumpreneur by participating in popular #hashtags

Facebook.com/SuperMumpreneur to advertise, engage in live video (a new function of Facebook in 2016) and drive traffic to my website

YouTube/SuperMumpreneur to host all my video content and to engage with my targeted customers

I am about to start a Twitter campaign to see how that works for SuperMumpreneur.

So do a housekeeping check on your companies’ social media marketing.

What’s your social media marketing status?

Start your social media marketing strategies now. Before you begin, there are many key considerations for social media marketing and you can read about it here in my other article: Before You Begin: 20 Things You Need To Consider For All Social Media Marketing