10 quick and healthy Paleo breakfasts


For many, Paleo is a way of life, not a diet. If you’ve just started on the Paleo diet or are keen to give it a go, nutritionist and author Michele Chevalley Hedge from A Healthy View has some sage words of advice: “Use it as a template but do not become a Paleo perfectionist.” Chevalley Hedge says that by simply taking Paleo’s underlying principals of clean eating, whole foods, lots of quality protein, good fats, and vegetable carbohydrates, you have a prescription for excellent nutrition. Here are some of Chevalley Hedges’s fave Paleo breakfasts to grab and go for an early morning start.

Fruit Smoothie

1. Fruit smoothie

Mix frozen fruit, linseeds, coconut or almond milk, a handful of nuts or half an avocado.

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Nutty granola

2. Nutty granola

This is a mixture of nuts, seeds and shredded coconut tossed with a squeeze of orange juice and rind.

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Hard boiled egg

3. Hard boiled eggs

Boil an egg the night before and wrap in a romaine lettuce leaf and top with pesto or chilli sauce.

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Sweet potato and vegie frittata

4. Sweet potato and vegie frittata

This is a great one to whip up the night before so it’s easy to grab in themorning.

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Chia seed pudding

5. Chia seed pudding

This is like having dessert for breakfast! Find the recipe here.

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Blueberry soup

6. Blueberry soup

Try having blueberries topped with goat, sheep, or almond/coconut milk, plain unflavoured yogurt and smothered in seeds and nuts.

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Mexican egg

7. Mexican eggs

Scramble, poach, or bake eggs, add vegies, a slice of avocado and top with salsa.

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Banana Bread

8. Banana bread

Bread made with almond meal and macadamia nut oil make for delicious non-gluten options. Try this recipe.

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Mini muffins

9. Mini muffins

Almond meal muffins with berries and nut and seeds are a fast and yummy breakfast option.

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10. Leftovers!

Ask anyone of the many Paleo peeps out there and they will tell you they got over their fear of leftovers on the first bite of a warm, nourishingbreakfast. When you’re making dinner simply make extra to heat up again the next morning. Too easy!