About Her


MUNASI started SuperMumpreneur because as a mother and business woman, I was frustrated seeing many women give up their career/business dreams and life goals after they are married or have kids. I was also annoyed seeing the plight of many women that became single mothers after a failed marriage or widowed and struggling to make ends meet as they had given up earning an income for years once they were married and had kids. I wanted to protect myself and my children and decided that there had to be a better way to grow my business(es) in a more systematic, organised and can easily replicated to other businesses.

We go to schools, college and university but no one ever teaches us how to be a mum, how to be an entrepreneur and definitely how to juggle being both a mum and an entrepreneur. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I did not complete my Bachelor’s Degree and dropped out of university, All I knew is that I wanted to do what I love and run my own business.


Over the years, I started numerous businesses, of which some succeeded and some failed. My most successful business was my Events Management company and my Management Consulting firm. Through many trials and errors, I developed a formula that worked well for my companies and kept it successful. However, I only made more money whenever I spent a lot more time on the business. During my first pregnancy, I realized the importance of a better system that is needed to be put into my life to incorporate the baby. Again, through many trials and errors, my formula was sharpened and improved.

After my second child was born, I realized how important it is to be efficient with time and how I needed to not only work hard but also work smarter. I wanted to earn from several sources of income, including a passive one and build a legacy. I knew I had to invest in myself and sought out many influential mentors and coaches to learn various aspects of business, wealth and life.

I took action and put into practice immediately what I have learnt and implemented it to my current formula and with many more trials and errors, the formula became even bigger and better.

Many people and media began to notice and started asking me how I was able to raise my 2 young children single-handedly, be a hands-on mother, cook most meals at home daily, clean the house, manage 6 businesses and continue to build more businesses. My advice helped many women who are grateful for the assistance. Constantly, I was asked to help out more and more women.

I didn’t come from a wealthy background and I did not inherit or marry into a wealthy family. I am merely an ordinary woman that has life goals, 2 lovely daughters and knew I wanted to create a wonderful life for my family and at the same time help as many people as I possibly could.


The past year, I had this crazy idea that I could build global communities of SuperMumpreneurs and help as many women as possible to achieve financial freedom, achieve their goals and dreams, spend quality time with family and be hands on involved in raising their children. My passion for sharing my knowledge and helping women, led me to speaking internationally and coach women to build businesses to life all around the world.

I am constantly learning, improvising myself and taking action towards achieving my ever-growing list of goals and aspirations.

I live and breathe being a SuperMumpreneur™.

What are you doing to take that step towards being a SuperMumpreneur™?

Are you thinking about it or ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Lots of Peace, Success, Love & Happiness

Munas van Boonstra xoxoxo